Former BS Jean

I had worked with children for most of my life and when I retired never thought I would miss it. As time passed though I needed to do something so considered becoming a Big Sister. First of all, I was surprised, but impressed, by the degree of screening, interviews and checks that I had to […]

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Former BS Sarah’s Story

Let me introduce you to my little, Des. Miss. Des is in grade 4 and turns 9 in a few weeks. For the past year and a half we’ve gone on bike rides, painted our nails, messed up the kitchen making pizzas, and attended the odd matinee. She loves ice cream more than I do, […]

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A Rewarding Experience

I had always had a dream where I would be able to leave the confinements of my two bedroom apartment back home in Pakistan. Being the youngest child in a family of five, you quickly get to realize that the couch surprisingly doubles as a very comfy bed. Little did I know that I was [...] Read more