Kate’s BIG Wedding was a huge hit!

In November, we successfully held our sold-out event Kate’s BIG Wedding. It was a night filled with hilarious speeches, surprise revelations and unforgettable Kisses! In this high-profile wedding security was tight with a few unsuspected searches (roles played by Willow Eyford and Jeannine McCormack). The minister (Fred Pulles) wrote the vows for the elated couple, including a list of unpredicted expectations. As the night went on, the bride (Dorine Green) was getting more and more anxious as the groom (Jon Simpson) was busy talking on his cell, all evening long. Further, the groom’s ex girl-friend, also best friends with Kate’s new mother- in- law (Sue Matheson), was at the wedding reminiscing about their lasting friendship, and favorite macaroni and cheese dishes. The mother of the bride (Cindy Osip) was dismayed thinking that Kate choose a husband unable to provide the means to which she was accustomed too and was already planning Kates’ next wedding. The fully booked venue was originally set for the maid of honours wedding (Raielle Perry) but her finance broke it off! With the last-minute cancellation Kate was now able to hold her own wedding at the extravagant venue. Kate’s bestie was not a happy camper. The drama unfolded as ex girl-friend (Heidi Preston) realized it was the best man (Micah McGowan) that secretly loved her and not the groom. In the end everything works out and amongst all the laughs and good times we are reminded of what weddings are all about- Heartfelt LOVE!  A huge thanks to the volunteer cast you did an outstanding performance-Bravo! Thank you to the incredible band Road Block for donating their time, you were an enormous hit!